All-in-one solution to fix your email deliverability issues
Over 20% of all business emails worldwide never reach the inbox. Losing your emails to spam folders ultimately leads to budgeting issues and missed connection opportunities.

Folderly makes sure that you're never in that 20%.
Your business email
Open Rate
Increased to
Spam Rate
Reply Rate
Increased to
Inbox should be your only destination folder.
We designed Foldely from the ground up to help companies receive returns on their marketing dollars. No more looking at your stats and wondering why your emails go to spam. Avoid blacklists, track your engagement metrics, and see your messages delivered to your recipients’ inboxes.
Talk to us about your sending issues - and we’ll help you fix them for good!
Step 1
Order a domain audit
The Folderly team will assess your domain health, check its integration with popular email marketing tools and run an individual analysis for each inbox to outline the most pressing issues. As a result, you will receive detailed instructions on how to fix, stabilize and increase your email deliverability.
Step 2
Create a personal Folderly account
Folderly's primary purpose is to make your job easier... and a little more. Once you create your account, Folderly will be tailored to match your unique requirements - we will customize your dashboards and the spam prevention panel to help you utilize our platform effectively and comfortably. You can add as many domains and mailboxes as you want, and integrate Folderly with your preferred email services and marketing tools.
Step 3
Examine your mailboxes
Gain a deeper look into the health and performance of your email accounts. Examine each inbox to identify dips in performance and locate the source of sending issues. Find out what holds your deliverability back and make sure each email account or email marketing tool works to its full capacity.
Step 4
Eliminate spam issues
Run a spam-fixing campaign to save your carefully crafted B2B emails and all your hard work from spam folders. With Folderly, you only need a couple of clicks to locate an issue, find the source and select the right strategy to solve it.
Step 5
Run regular maintenance
We’re committed to making your use of Folderly as convenient as possible. Once your most pressing issues are fixed, our anti-spam bots will run in the background, monitoring your sender score and becoming active only when there is an urgent deliverability issue you must know about. Rid your inbox of useless notifications!
Increase your email deliverability with our 360-Domain Audit
hat you can expect from your domain audit:
Detailed domain health reports
IP search across 500 blacklists
Delisting assistance for dozens of blacklists
DNS settings correction
Individual health checks for each inbox
Full Sender Score overview
Service Packages
We offer a suite of options to help you maximize the impact of your email campaigns:
360 Domain Audit
Spam fix
Email Deliverability Maintenance
360 Domain Audit
Cost / Month
Domain Health Overview
Have our spam monitoring experts analyze up to 3 of your domains to locate their blind spots.
Blacklists Overview
Check your IP address against the most common IPv4 blacklists via a custom dashboard.
DNS Overview
Receive an in-depth report of your DNS settings which highlights any configuration problems.
Deliverability Overview
Get up to 10 inboxes assessed to learn about the spam issues that affect the deliverability of your emails.
Detailed Insights
Your infrastructure is checked from inside and out.
Newfound Clarity
You know what kind of issues plagues your inboxes.
Informative Instructions
You have a clear, step-by-step guide for fixing your email deliverability.
Relevant Recommendations
You’re able to prevent sending issues before they tank your Sender Scorev.
What includes
Up to 3 domains
Have up to 3 of your domains checked and analyzed. Stay updated on the health and performance of each domain.
Up to 10 inboxes
Run an individual optimization campaign for each inbox to increase its deliverability and remove sending issues.
Dedicated Technical Expert
Rely on personal tech support and stay provided with up-to-date reports on your domain health, inbox performance and Sender Score.
360 domain audit review session
Get detailed insights on your domain, its potential and the ways to increase its performance. Learn about any possible issues before they affect your outreach.
"Is this right for me?"
Whether you're looking to increase the deliverability of your emails across multiple mailboxes, or want to prevent any spam-related problems before they occur - Folderly is a great starting point to make sure your messages are reaching your recipients' mailboxes. Folderly provides great visibility and freedom to manage our own content, without having to worry about numbers, regulations or blacklists. Allow us to handle the boring parts while you focus on what matters most - growing your business.

We have options for customers of every size and budget:
When you’re only starting to run a business, you need to generate connections and leads as swiftly as possible. Therefore you cannot afford losing your opportunities to spam folders and sending issues. With Folderly, you can stay right on track of your prospecting.
Medium-size Companies
The more you grow, the more processes you have to manage and control. Folderly inbox monitoring keeps you updated on your performance and sending issues, sou you could maintain high deliverability without taking your attention off other matters.
Large Enterprises
When you have numerous partners across various regions, maintaining domain health is a must. With Folderly, you can keep an eye on multiple domains and inboxes at once, gleaning valuable data about your DNS settings and receiving timely updates.
Fix your spam-related issues in 3 easy steps
Sending B2B emails shouldn’t be a guessing game. With Folderly's help, you always know where your message lands long before you hit send.
360 Domain Audit
Step 1
Our experts maximize the efforts of your in-house team, enriching your existing data on your domains and mailboxes, and identifying email deliverability issues.
Spam-fix campaign
Step 2
Next, the Folderly application is tailored specifically for your organization. The solutions to your problems and the suggestions on how to fix them are relevant to your current situation, enabling you to build an automated spam-fixing campaign and always keep track of your progress.
Step 3
Once your deliverability is stable, you’re free to maximize your outreach campaigns and increase your conversion rate as our spam-monitoring solution provides you with with solid support.
Some of the features are still in development. Contact our support to find out more.
Let no message go past its intended recipient
Our one-stop-shop email deliverability platform and spam expertise ensures your emails will always get to their intended inbox and drive engagement.
Want to increase your email deliverability?
Want to locate the source of your spam-related issues?
Want to make sure your email campaigns yield positive results?
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